Hair Extension Instructions


The following are general care instructions for your human hair product. The extension method will determine the specific way to care for your extensions. Please ask your stylist for specific after care advice.


  • Our extensions are 100% Remy human hair however they do not receive the same nutrients from your scalp as your natural hair and as such the more heat you use on them, the shorter the life-span of your extensions.
  • We recommend using a product containing argan oil on them every day on the mid-lengths to the ends of the extensions to give them extra nourishment and help to keep them soft & supple.
  • Tie your hair into a loose ponytail or plait before bed to stop them getting tangled in the night. Do not go to bed with wet loose hair. 
  •  Washing -Allways use. a sulfate free  shampoo as normal shampoo drys out the hair extensions.Use  Biolage colour care therape delicate care,silk elements colour care,Bonacure colour freeze or try Hair one.Google yourself sulfate free shampoo to find other brands and stockists. We sell unique one at cezala this is a amazing shampoo plus a  leave in conditioner and it is sulfate free
  • Always wash your extensions in the shower with your head tilted backwards. Never lean forwards as this will cause tangling. Smooth hair downwards do not rub vigorously. 
  • Brush & de-tangle the extensions thoroughly before washing.  
  • Wash carefully with warm water and a mild or specific hair extension shampoo. Do not rub or twist the hair. Follow with conditioner.
  • Gently squeeze out the excess water and pat dry with a towel.  


  • Apply leave in conditioner or a heat protection spray and de-tangle with a wide tooth comb & your fingers.
  • Don't brush the extensions whilst they are wet as this will put strain on the bonds and can cause split ends.
  • Dry them using a medium heat and finish with straightening irons to smooth down the cuticles & give a sleek finish. Please be aware that hairdryers can cause just as much damage to your hair as straighteners can. If you can find and use a dryer that has tourmaline or ionic technology this will help to eliminate frizz, keep the hair moisturised and supple and prevent the heat from the dryer drying it out which could cause them to matt and tangle.
  • Heated rollers, straighteners, curling tongs etc can all be used although you must apply a heat protection spray to protect the hair and pro-long its life span and regular use (more than twice a week) will shorten the life of your extensions. 


  • The only brush you should use near the bonds is an extension brush or a tangle teezer which has specifically designed bristles which glide gently over the bonds without snagging them.
  • Always hold the bonds when brushing so as not to put additional stress on the hair.

Day to Day Activities

  • If using a sunbed, wrap the hair in a towel as sunbeds can dry out the hair & bonds.
  • If you go swimming we advise you to keep the hair clipped up or to wear a swimming cap as prolonged water exposure can shorten their life span and weaken bonds due to the harsh chemicals in the water.
  • Don't over wash your hair. Once or twice a week is sufficient when wearing hair extensions. In-between use  Dry Shampoo to freshen up your hair on the days when you aren't washing it.

Products to avoid

  • All anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners. These contain sulphur which breaks down extension bonds and are too harsh for the hair. Fructis because it contains such a high amount of citric acid which will break down extension bonds. Avoid any product where citric acid is one of the main ingredients used. 
  • Hot oil & oily based products as these will cause bonds to slip.
  • Clarifying shampoos & conditioners because they are too harsh for extensions.
  • All head-lice treatments. All of these will break down extension bonds, causing the glue to fail and the hair to fall out of the bond. 
  • Regular retail based products. Such as pantene, tresemme, loreal, herbal essences etc etc. These contain sulphate and sodium chloride levels which are too harsh for extensions and can dry them out causing them to become fragile, brittle, dry and therefore prone to tangling.